Welcome new and returning students and families to Crofton Woods Elementary School (CWES).

CWES PTA is comprised of members who share a commitment to making a difference in the education, health and safety of all children.  We are dedicated to making your child’s experience at CWES as productive and educational as possible and one that will promote and enhance collaboration amongst parents, teachers the school and the greater Crofton community.

To benefit your child, please consider joining the PTA and volunteering to help. It is proven that children learn more and perform better in school when parents are actively involved in their education and, of course, they enjoy having the support of a familiar face.  We all benefit from a very active volunteer group without whom none of our events would be possible, so don’t be shy to commit.

It is because of the strong volunteer efforts of our parents and the dedication of our teachers that we are able to offer so many academic and cultural activities throughout the school year.  Fundraising efforts through programs such as Sneak a Peek, Ice Cream Social, Fun Fair, Spaghetti dinner and Silent Auction help provide grants and funding to enrich the learning experience at CWES.

The PTA obtains its funding through its membership drive in addition to these various fundraisers held throughout the year.

Please take the time to read about our many committees, and fill out the Volunteer Request and PTA Membership forms, all of which can be found via a number of platforms such as Woodys backpack, email notification, CWES Facebook page and

Your involvement is how our PTA stays strong and how our children achieve success!  We welcome your feedback so please contact us if you have any questions or comments.  Thanks and lets have a wonderful school year!

The Citizen Advisory Committee Executive Committee is a group appointed by the Board of Education that provides advice to the Board on specific issues impacting educational policy, activities and programs. The CAC may choose to study and report on educational issues of countywide concern. They also respond to requests from the Board for research and recommendations on specific educational issues. The CAC representative for our school is Celeste Busser. She can be reached at

Welcome Families!

Welcome to our new website For Crofton Woods PTA! We hope that you will bookmark our site and come back often.

Upcoming Events

September 3: First Day of School

September 9: PTA Meeting 7pm CWES Media Cntr

September 30: School Closed

October 7: PTA Meeting 7pm CWES Media Cntr

October 9: School Closed

October 15 & 16: School Closed

November 4: PTA Meeting 7 pm CWES Media Cntr

November 7 & 8: 2-Hour Early Dismissal

Join The PTA

Please print and complete the Membership Form. Return with membership fee to your child's teacher.


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